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Frequently asked questions
Can I really keep the contacts you get during test days? 
That's right, you keep the test result. Forget about the CPC (Cost Per Click) and the pain of creating campaigns, pay only for the CPL (Cost Per Lead). In the digital industry there are many sellers of smoke and mirrors and we know that the best way to know if a service works is by testing it. Period
Do I have to pay for ads on social networks, make creativities or pay advertising specialists?
We pay for this, our team have dedicated professionals in these activities, we apply a mix of channels that increase the quality of the lead obtained. This is one of the most stressful activities that our clients love to leave in our hands.
Do I have to create a landing page, form, ads, etc?
Not at all, you have to focus on selling your product/service, you know a lot about that, we know how to attract people interested in what you sell.
How do I receive leads?
You have several options:
  • In a Google Sheet (this is how you will receive the two-days trial without risk or investment)

  • By email: you will receive an email every time we get a lead.

  • Connected to your customer management software (CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation), we will connect it for your business at no cost.
When do I have to pay for leads?
Always after the work is done. At the beginning you pay for the result achieved every week, once the honeymoon is over, you can pay in a monthly basis
What type of product/service do you recommend for BNS Leads?
It is important to understand that you are going to pay for each lead you get so it is recommended that they are products with a considerable profit margin. This is a common mistake in many businesses that you should avoid in order to make money in a sustainable way.
Does BNS Leads work for all businesses?
No, because you can try the service for free before you buy, we have many companies interested and we select which brides and grooms are more likely to be happily ever after.
If I have more questions, how can I contact you?
Complete the questions on the form and we will contact you. Our system has been working for years, the best guarantee is to try it without risk. By the way, you've already seen the button to test BNS Leads 3 times ...
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